22 Spying Tools

WhatsApp Snapchat Messenger GPS Calls Photos Keylogger Line

22 Spying Tools

mSpyTracker Features

mSpyTracker provides you with a full range of mobile spying features, all accessible from a single online Dashboard:

  • Manage Calls
  • Read Messages
  • Track GPS Location
  • View Photos and Videos
  • Monitor Internet Activity
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mSpyTracker Features


Monitor all snaps sent by the monitored device on Snapchat.


Monitor all incoming / outgoing texts, calls and media files on WhatsApp

Facebook Messenger

Remotely track all sent and received text messages on Facebook messenger

GPS Location

Remotely view current GPS location, route history, and timestamps

Monitor Calls

View time, number and call duration. Block unwanted numbers

Messages / MMS

Monitor all sent and received text messages and even the deleted ones

Photos / Videos

Check all photos and videos saved in the gallery


Capture every keystroke typed by the target device

Browser History

Track all online activities taking place on the target device


View every call and text message sent and received via Viber


Read all the emails sent and received by the target device

Keyword Alerts

Set a list of dangerous words and phrases you wish to monitor


Monitor all incoming and outgoing calls and texts, including the timestamps


Remotely read all sent and received text messages on Telegram.


Monitor all call and chats on the Line app


Remotely track chats. Account info of each recipient is also available


View all text messages shared via the Hangouts app


Mark safe and dangerous areas and get alerts when they are breached


View the target device contact list and block unwanted numbers


View all calendar entries from the monitored device

Installed apps

View all the apps installed on the monitored device and block unwanted ones

Wi-Fi Networks

Track the Wi-Fi hotspots the target device connects with and block unwanted ones