mSpy provides you with a full range of monitoring features, all accessible from a single online Dashboard:
  • View all monitored data by each distinct Feature
  • Control linked devices remotely with a few clicks
  • Access your account from PC or Smartphones
  • Supports all modern browsers
  • Availavle worldwide

Check Chat Messages

Monitor all incoming/outgoing messages in the most popular chatting apps like SnapChat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, iMessenger etc. Media files are also available for users, depending on the chatting application. Instant messages that gets deleted will also be available in your personal control panel.


Track And Control GPS Locations

Track every step of the monitored device and know a specific GPS location at any point in time. Check the routes and and set virtual barriers for safe and forbidden zones - once a device enters/leaves the defined boundaries, you receive an instant notification or alert.

GPSlocationExact Current GPS Location
LocationhistoryLocation History & Routes
WiFiNetworksWi-Fi Networks

View Cell Communication

You receive a complete report on all cell communication taking place on the target device. That includes sent and received text messages (even if they are deleted), all incoming and outgoing calls, a full list of contacts. You will also get to see which ones are contacted most often.

SMS MMSSent/Received SMS and MMS
CallsIncoming/Outgoing Calls

Check Internet Activities

Some teens spend up to 50% of time online know what they do with mSpy. Which websites they visit, what links they keep saved to visit regularly, where they access the web from. Even Email correspondence will be open for your supervision.

rowsing HistoryBrowsing History
Keyword AlertsKeyword alerts

View Photos & Videos

Just a fraction of photos and videos made on a phone are public-friendly enough to become available online. With mSpy you will have access to media files which weren't deemed to be shared by the user of the device. View everything that user decides to keep out of their social profiles.


Control The Device Remotely

mSpy doesn’t stop on just giving you actionable insights. We give you tools to take Action as well. With just a single click you can block particular activities and apps, or even lock the phone to prevent further usage. For a complete piece of mind you can even Wipe it out completely.

IncomingCallBlockingIncoming Call Blocking
WipeWipe Device
AppsBlockingApps Blocking
AppListApplication List
WebsitesBlockingWebsites Blocking
LockDeviceLock Device

Additional Tools

Smartphone experience differs from user to user, creating an infinite variety of patterns to use. Which is why mSpy provides additional monitoring tools, which close any possible loopholes. Keylogger is a great example of a simple in-built solution for checking on any text input within any application on the phone.

KeywordAlertsKeyword alerts
SIMSIM Change Notification
UninstallAlertUninstall Alert
CalendarCalendar, Notes, Tasks
MobilePanelMobile Panel
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